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Attraction ID Card

Name: Dinosaur
Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom



Formerly known as Countdown to Extinction when Animal Kingdom first opened in 1998, this attraction experienced a name change when the Disney movie "Dinosaur" was released. In fact, you may notice that the iguanodon you're trying to capture in the attraction is the star of the movie! The attraction wasn't redesigned for the movie; actually, the movie was in the planning stage when this attraction was conceived for the new WDW theme park, giving us two different angles for looking at the same characters!

As you leave the pre-show area to board the Time Rovers, you'll notice this logo posted 
where the cast member admits you to the viewing room.

Using full-range motion ride technology, this attraction, located in Chester and Hester's Dinorama, delivers thrills, chills and laughs. Dr. Seeker enlists you to go back in time to capture an iguanodon--which is strictly against the Dino Institute's regulations, as Dr. Marsh (played in the pre-show film by Phylicia Rashad) reminds her colleague. However, just as you're about to board your vehicle, Dr. Seeker manipulates the settings once again, and he guides you through time to capture "our dino." However, if it's possible to listen to what he's saying over the screams as you encounter one prehistoric organism after another, you'll notice that, when Seeker yells "Right," your vehicle swerves to the left. And his reassurances not to worry are not so comforting. Lots of jerky motions and darkness may make this less than an ideal possibility for the little ones in the group, and you must be 40 inches tall to ride. This is one of my favorites in DAK, and I ride it every time I visit the park.

Your ride experience lasts about three minutes.

This banner welcomes you to The Dino Institute.

Bill Nye The Science Guy tells us all about the asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction with this ceiling-mounted model.

Tyrannosaurus Rex "bones" welcome you as you enter the pavilion.

It's great to see Phylicia Rashad, who plays Dr. Marsh, welcome us to The Dino Institute.

It seems Dr. Marsh has to correct a little misunderstanding from Dr. Seeker--
who wants us to bring back an iguanodon from the past.

"We're in!" Dr. Seeker informs us as we're about to board the Time Rovers 
and bring back one dino, "extra large."

A Time Rover waiting for its cue to begin its expedition.

The Time Rover is actually an "Enhanced Motion Vehicle" (EMV), which is similar to those used in Disneyland's 
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye."

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