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Merchandise Item ID Card

Name: Light Chaser
Location: At a merchandise cart near you!


Light Chasers


A perennial favorite toy at the Walt Disney World Resort, the Light Chaser is available at most shops which sell toys at the Resort, as well as at those little roller carts filled with lighted toys that seem to appear in the parks every evening. 

The Light Chaser is a handheld battery-operated device which, when activated by a trigger, spins three flexible rubber arms with lights on the end of each one from a rotating head. The effect is a whir of light, and the flexible nature of the rotating shafts makes it safe for even the very young to enjoy. It runs on two type AA penlight cells, and each unit is equipped with batteries as sold.

These toys are made with various Disney themes, including the very popular Buzz Lightyear, and several Princess models. They are priced at about $15 each, so parents with several children who'd rather not have a sudden, unexpected outlay should prepare to have a diversion for the younger members of the party on hand while touring the parks in the evening, as Light Chasers seem to be very attractive to kids!

There's an interesting side note about Light Chasers. This toy was invented by a fellow by the name of Brian Walker, who has made a career of inventing toys like this one. The interesting thing about Brian Walker is that he wants to fly into space, and instead of just dreaming about it, he's actually working on his own rocket! Check out his website at to learn more about Brian and his plans to blast off into space! It's strange that Disney hasn't picked up on this interesting story as part of its own folklore, as the Light Chaser has been made so popular by the Disney Company (Brian's website reports this item as his best-selling product). In fact, on a recent visit to WDW, Aronda happened to be talking to a cast member who was minding a cart full of Light Chasers, and when she mentioned the Rocket Guy, the CM wasn't even aware of the inventor's lofty aspirations! Hmmm...

Next time you're at WDW and you spot a kid (maybe even your own!!) playing with a Light Chaser, you'll know a little bit of the back story on the device and the guy who invented it!

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