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Shopping ID Card

Name: Mombasa Marketplace
Location: Animal Kingdom; Harambe Village (Africa)


Mombasa Marketplace
(photos below)

This shop, located in Harambe Village directly across the street from Tusker House restaurant, is a great place to get African-inspired items--as well as plenty of genuine African art and household items. Additionally, there are a few Animal Kingdom tee-shirts, baseball caps, and similar merchandise items available here. Ziwani Traders is located directly behind Mombasa Marketplace, and consists of a second room accessible from Mombasa (you may shop both stores and make a single purchase of items from both at either of the checkout stations).

Mombasa Marketplace features quite a few unique items, including lines of genuine African woven baskets,  Raku pottery statutes/figurines, carved wooden statues and masks, and wallhangings. Additionally, there's a section with stone jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and the like. 

A small assortment of South African wines are available for purchase here--by the bottle only. If you'd like a glass of South African wine, Aronda suggests that you dine at either Boma: Flavors of Africa or Jiko: The Cooking Place, both located at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Both of these fine restaurants have an extensive list of wines from South Africa.

Mombasa Marketplace seems more geared toward adult interests, while Ziwani Traders has more items for the younger set (such as plush, postcards, and candy). Ziwani Traders has a large assortment of safari hats--perfect for explorers young and not-so-young!

Many of the art and home decor items in Mombasa Marketplace are beautiful, tasteful pieces--sure to add a touch of class to your home while reminding you of the great time you had at Animal Kingdom for years to come! Be sure to stop by and have a look!

Front of Mombasa Marketplace, directly across the 
street from Tusker House restaurant

Wooden carvings of African animals--very popular as home decor items

Pottery, carved wood, and more! These African-made coffee mugs 
and servingware have hidden Mickeys on them!

Masks toward the right side of the picture, and pottery figurines on the shelves on the left

Woven baskets are certified genuine and make impressive keepsakes

Several varieties of South African wines are available by the bottle here. 

Jewelry section has lots of stone beads

Looking toward the front door from inside the store

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