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Shopping ID Card

Name: Newsstand
Location: Magic Kingdom; front entrance

 The Newsstand

At the front of the Magic Kingdom park, even before you walk through the tunnels under the RailRoad tracks after entering, is a little store called the Newsstand. It's located off to the far left just after the entrance turnstiles.

While the name and the facade fits right into the Main Street, U.S.A. area, the name is not indicative of the merchandise sold here. The Newsstand is more of a "general purpose" shop, with a smattering of various items including a small selection of plush and a few tee shirts. The main attraction here is the more utilitarian items, with film and disposable cameras, suntan oil, and bags and "fanny" packs. Its location at the very front of the park makes it a good place to find the things you'll need during your visit to the park but that you forgot back at the room--or that you didn't realize you were going to need until you were already on your way.

If you're looking for a quick place to grab a "necessary" item, you just may find it in the Newsstand. Just don't expect to find any newspapers or paperbacks here!

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The Newsstand is located at the very front of the Magic Kingdom


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